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Одежда и шоппинг в магазинах Second Hand
Некоторые ошибочно считают, что секонд хенд – это удел малоимущих людей, которые не могут себе позволить, например, покупать вещи в специализированных магазинах одежды, брендовых магазинах. Такое мнение

Гадание на монетах орел и решка.
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Общие данные Больцано (Bolzano, по нем. Bozen — Боцен) — столица и административный центр одноименной автономной провинции. Легендарный альпинист Месснер Райнхольд говорил про этот город следующее:Больцано

Шоппинг в Греции
Если вас интересует брендовый шоппинг, вы привыкли покупать только лучшие вещи, последние коллекции, украшения и одежду от знаменитейших мировых дизайнеров – компания Elionis организует вам элитный шоппинг

Где у монеты орел и решка?
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Шоппинг на Пхукете.Торговые центры Пхукета
Пхукет  битком набит всевозможными товарами, акциями, распродажами, скидками и сотнями магазинов. Есть здесь и большие рынки для любителей поторговаться и почувствовать настоящий вкус уличного шоппинга.

Карта шопинга в Италии
Если вы решили отправиться на шопинг в Италию, то не всегда обязательно ехать только в Римини (который выбирает большинство русских туристов) или только в Милан (который разрекламирован, как столица

Columbus, торговый центр, магазины
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Шоппинг на Пхукете
Шопинг на Пхукете – один из обязательных пунктов каждого туриста, приезжающего на остров. Неважен бюджет ваших покупок, главное – получить удовольствие от процесса. Дальше мы расскажем, что можно привезти

Шоппинг в Амстердаме, шоппинг маршруты по магазинам
Не каждый город способен стать модной столицей. Амстердам решил доказать всему миру, что он таким стал. Богатое наследие прошлого, особая культурная атмосфера настоящего, наличие хороших школ дизайна и,

Female psycho.

Types of female behavior are formed depending on age, life experience, upbringing, family scenarios, cultural traditions and other living conditions. They can be mixed or change over time. This division is very conditional. I just want to give as an example a certain model in order to visually show how female psychology works in action. So, we have the main types of women:
Woman - mother
• Woman - predator
• Woman - the boss
• Woman - ally (friend)
• Woman - child
Next, we consider all types in more detail, but for a start, it is worth noting immediately that there are no good or bad ones, that this is only a reflection of behavior patterns.
A woman is a mother, this type is found in life very often, one can say that in our country it even prevails, especially in women aged forty and older. Externally, it is always nice, lovely and self-reliant persons. Often have a fat or even very curvaceous figure, with very pronounced female forms.
Types of female behavior are formed depending on age, life experience, upbringing, family scenarios, cultural traditions and other living conditions
They prefer classical clothes and, more often, care little about their appearance. Surrounding appreciate these women for otzvychivost, openness. Men in them find warmth and care, which sometimes can reach the point of absurdity. A woman-mother treats men as a source of eternal problems and troubles, but at the same time, she cannot imagine her life without a “peasant” no matter how he is, she is ready to sacrifice herself and drag this “burden” to the end of her life. Her unconscious goal - to be revered, almost a martyr in the eyes of others. What men choose this type of women and why? Firstly, it can be men who lacked maternal warmth and care since childhood, and secondly, those who are infantile or do not have independence and purposefulness, who always need a mother's breast to feel psychological security. A woman mother has tremendous feminine energy that attracts men. She, in a man, evokes the image of a kind mother, who will always accept him, feed him pies and pancakes, and even console him. But she is practically devoid of feminine power, as she herself suppresses her. She is ready to completely "dissolve" in a man, but can not motivate or induce to activity, achievement of high goals and success. Such a woman as a soft pillow, with which it is so good that you do not want to get up and do something. In family life with this type of women, men often suffer from alcoholism.

A female predator , this type can also be often met, but the age of women here is dominated by a younger one, on average 20-35 years. These are very active and purposeful girls. For them, man is prey, and they are hunters. Their goal is always well-to-do men, who are almost always married, but these women even like this complication of the task. Predators have a bright attractive appearance, always watch their figure and emphasize their sexuality in all ways.

Surrounding such persons are not unequivocally, they can be respected for their confidence and active life position, but they may not like for their selfishness and aggressiveness. They attract men with their relaxedness and ability to keep themselves. A female predator treats a man as a trophy, a source of money, pleasures and opportunities, but at the same time, he is a big burden for her when it is necessary to pay attention, care and time to her. Her unconscious goal is money and power. Female predator energy is manifested weakly, but it possesses tremendous female power, which is mainly expressed by sexuality. What men like this type? There is no certain type of men who like predators. Here the question is, what kind of man did the predator woman like, who became her goal? And then no one will stand; anyone can end up in her skillfully arranged "networks." These women are always looking for already successful or potentially successful males. Therefore, they do not need to “invest” a lot in a man, but if it is necessary, they will motivate and guide him, but in order to then “squeeze” everything from him to the last. In family life, such women from tender cats turn into aggressive tigresses. Sometimes, men come to their senses, run away from them themselves, leaving everything, just to "carry the feet." Next to such women, men always tend to be "on horseback", otherwise they will lose respect and her approval. Financial problems or any difficulties that lead to trouble, become fatal for family relationships with predators. In such a situation, the marriage with the predators will not be long-lasting, since, having received everything from one man, they rush to search for the next, more successful and “strong” male.

The third type is a female boss.

These are women with a tough, strong-willed, almost masculine character. They are self-sufficient and independent, any man can envy their leadership qualities. Externally, they also do not seek to emphasize their femininity, even if they are wearing women's attributes (jewelry, etc.), only because etiquette or social status so requires. Surrounding them are valued for their enormous performance and ability to solve any problems.
These are women with a tough, strong-willed, almost masculine character
They may even be afraid. If they appear somewhere, they will necessarily be the bosses or just manage everything. Their unconscious goal - to prove their strength and power. What men choose this type of women? Of course, those who have weaker masculinity, but also it can be very talented and gifted people (artists, musicians, scientists and philosophers), in general, those who are far from real life and the desire to earn money. Men are afraid of women like fire, but more often they simply surrender as prisoners, giving themselves and their fate at her complete disposal. For these women, a man is needed, as a subordinate, homely and obedient "pet", an application to her status, who will fulfill all her requirements without question. A woman-boss herself achieves everything in life and, a man either has to accept, be on the sidelines and idolize his partner, or if he is gifted and talented, she will manage his achievements and career growth. Behind her, a man can hide behind a "stone wall" and go with the flow. In family life, it may look like this: the man becomes a householder and takes care of the children and the house, or he is a “boy on the packages” in the business of his domineering wife.
We now turn to the next type, which is called a female ally (friend). This type of women can occur among any age group. They are very self-sufficient and purposeful personalities. Surrounding people appreciate them for their high moral values, versatility, good humor and flexibility of mind. Outwardly, these women are always fit, sporty and look younger with age. They are attracted to men not by external, but always by their internal qualities, such as: strength of character, intelligence, sense of humor, reliability. A female ally has high demands on himself and his partner, who is close by.

They seek to build their relationships with men on the principles of openness, mutual understanding, support and equality in interests. What men choose a female ally? First of all, these are young or modern-type men who care more about the quality of relationships, interesting and productive communication, its richness, and also a partnership that helps both of them to grow and develop. But in this case, the man treats the woman as an equal being and will never condescendingly treat her feminine weakness, sensitivity and emotionality. In her face, a man always wants to see her faithful friend, a good adviser. He himself is ready to be a reliable friend. But their relationships are often based on competition, who are more successful or better in some business, which can be a positive stimulus in the development of a personality, career, but can be the cause of the breakdown of relations. Therefore, in family life, a man and a female comrade, you must always observe harmony and balance, clearly assign roles, then such alliances can be very long-term and successful.
The last type in our classification is a female child. This type of women, already from the name says a lot: their age and behavior. Approximately 30 years of age, when you can still look and act like a girl. As a rule, capricious, spoiled, infantile, but not defenseless and weak.

They attract men with their seeming naivety, almost childlike spontaneity. They evoke in men the desire to protect and help, protect and satisfy any desires. Such women unconsciously choose their own "father" who will love, pamper, carry on their hands and solve any problems. What men choose this type? These are men with large complexes of power and intimophobia. They find it difficult to build relationships with mature, experienced women, as they can see through their weaknesses. These men simply can not provide normal family relationships due to their complexes and immaturity, sexual problems. It is easier for them to play the role of a noble savior of a poor or defenseless girl, buying her love with money, its authority and power. Men are happy to make them expensive gifts, buy luxury cars, apartments, business, in general, everything so that the girl needs nothing. A girl can behave badly, create problems for herself and others, have problems in the past with alcohol or drugs, but this is not important. Men like to save her, provide, give presents, the main condition that she does not grow up, do not become an ordinary adult woman, and even worse, an aunt, with a blurred figure and wrinkles on her face. Union with a female child can be quite long until the girl grows up, that is, she simply becomes much older and then such relationships break up for several reasons. First, a woman can herself become wise and understand that she simply does not need a relationship with such a man. Secondly, the man will again be in search of a new girl, naive and a little extravagant. And such a scenario of relationships in one man can be repeated several times.

What men choose this type of women and why?
What men like this type?
Here the question is, what kind of man did the predator woman like, who became her goal?
What men choose this type of women?
What men choose a female ally?
What men choose this type?
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