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Одежда и шоппинг в магазинах Second Hand
Некоторые ошибочно считают, что секонд хенд – это удел малоимущих людей, которые не могут себе позволить, например, покупать вещи в специализированных магазинах одежды, брендовых магазинах. Такое мнение

Гадание на монетах орел и решка.
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Общие данные Больцано (Bolzano, по нем. Bozen — Боцен) — столица и административный центр одноименной автономной провинции. Легендарный альпинист Месснер Райнхольд говорил про этот город следующее:Больцано

Шоппинг в Греции
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Где у монеты орел и решка?
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Шоппинг на Пхукете.Торговые центры Пхукета
Пхукет  битком набит всевозможными товарами, акциями, распродажами, скидками и сотнями магазинов. Есть здесь и большие рынки для любителей поторговаться и почувствовать настоящий вкус уличного шоппинга.

Карта шопинга в Италии
Если вы решили отправиться на шопинг в Италию, то не всегда обязательно ехать только в Римини (который выбирает большинство русских туристов) или только в Милан (который разрекламирован, как столица

Columbus, торговый центр, магазины
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Шоппинг на Пхукете
Шопинг на Пхукете – один из обязательных пунктов каждого туриста, приезжающего на остров. Неважен бюджет ваших покупок, главное – получить удовольствие от процесса. Дальше мы расскажем, что можно привезти

Шоппинг в Амстердаме, шоппинг маршруты по магазинам
Не каждый город способен стать модной столицей. Амстердам решил доказать всему миру, что он таким стал. Богатое наследие прошлого, особая культурная атмосфера настоящего, наличие хороших школ дизайна и,

How to cut a long beard yourself. How to cut a mustache

  1. Beard yourself
  2. How to cut a beard: choose a tool
  3. Trimmer - for beard or normal
  4. Hairbrush
  5. Mirror with magnification
  6. Special rules in beard trimming
  7. To summarize: about cutting the beard yourself
  8. Types of mustache haircuts
  9. How to care for a beard: the basic principles
  10. How to care for a beard at home: mistakes beginners
  11. How to care for a beard: haircut options (photo)
  12. Steps

A thick, beautiful beard with clear edges and no bristling hair is a great way to change your look. With the help of our beard trimming tips, your well-groomed beard will help you to hide flaws easily by highlighting the positive features of your face. To create a beautiful beard, you need to know how to trim a beard.

This article contains practical advice from your own life, how to cut a beard.

Beard yourself

We will not dwell on the selection and forms of the beard, with the hope that with this one is already defined and you clearly understand what effect you would like to achieve, but if this is not yet determined, go here.

Without fail, before starting to cut a beard, you should have a minimum set of tools for beard trimming in your arsenal.

How to cut a beard: choose a tool

Good scissors

Hairdressers or special beards for trimming can work well. With their help, you can easily align the line of the beard, as well as trim the loose hair. By the way, good scissors are quite expensive.

Trimmer - for beard or normal

Modern trimmers are presented in a large number of modifications and there are even special series for the beard. The main difference in the choice between them lies in the width of the head and the blade itself, the variety of nozzles and working capacity. So for example, the maximum length of the extension of the beard trimmer is 20 mm.

Tip: when choosing a trimmer, pay attention to its power. The more, the less likely that the hair will heal.

The more, the less likely that the hair will heal


An integral accessory for the correct trimming of the beard. For best performance, it is worth picking a comb on the basis of the thickness of your beard. And the thicker it is, the greater the gap in the teeth is necessary.

Mirror with magnification

Double mirror with a magnification with one and the usual with the other, the best choice for self-trimming beard. Filigree beard more convenient with a magnifying surface.

Special rules in beard trimming

Beard hair should be thoroughly washed and dried well. On wet hair, beard trimming is excluded, cutting off a wet beard you risk cutting off the wrong hairs.
Start trimming the beard from the side of the cheeks, gently approaching the chin, not forgetting to constantly comb the beard. Cutting off excess hairs, be sure to record the result on the other side.
If you are new to this business, cut off as little as possible at the beginning. This will allow you to understand the whole process and save the beard. Once the arm has gained enough experience, it will be much easier to adjust the length of the beard.

It is necessary to know:

  • If the beard is not very thick, you should use the eyeliner of your girlfriend. Thanks to him, you can set the contour and even after the beard.
  • Trimmer the lip line, boldly stepping aside from the edge of the lips 2 millimeters.
  • The total amount is desirable to process with a trimmer, and sticking out the hairs that could not be captured, cut with scissors. Thus, setting the edges and removing the volume, you can carefully trim the beard.

To summarize: about cutting the beard yourself

Trimming the beard yourself at home will save you quite a considerable amount. But for the best effect it is worth visiting the professional barber at least once every 3 months. Sometimes a specialist's eye will see more and, accordingly, will cut the beard more qualitatively.

Trimming yourself and gaining practice, you will have less time left. Yes, and this ritual is quite interesting.
Look for a decent barber or have any questions, ready to answer.

Today, mustache is a modern attribute for men who follow fashion trends and know all new trends.

Many psychologists say that the type of a mustache can determine the character of a young person, whether they inherit their idols or hold their views, while maintaining their individuality. For example, the owners of "walrus" mustache love noisy companies and rest in the taverns. In order to properly trim the mustache, it is necessary to determine the features of the face, which play an important enough role. The mustache can be short or long, fluffy, and also curly and narrow.

The mustache can be short or long, fluffy, and also curly and narrow

Types of mustache haircuts

To maintain the necessary shape of your mustache, you need to cut them once every few days. Before you cut your mustache, decide on their shape, how you would like to see them. Naturally, special styles require a special approach. To understand what kind you will have to face, use a computer program with which you can easily determine the desired shape. Since the facial hair is much rougher than the head, before using a haircut, use an air conditioner that will soften your mustache a little.

Tens of millions of women around the world consider bearded men more manly / attractive / sexy (how to care for a beard, you can read below).

In short, members of the opposite sex who deserve more female attention than carefully shaving men.

How to care for a beard: the basic principles

Men who want to let go of the beard should understand that the hair on the face can emphasize the merits of hiding some flaws (warts) of the "stronger sex" or "emphasize" the flaws of the human face.

At this time, a beard is very popular with men - “two-week unshaven”. To look after such a beard at home - there is nothing easier. To do this, you must have a standard hair clipper with a set of nozzles. Once a week you install a nozzle of the desired size (0 or 1), navigate through all the “vegetation” - and the beard is ready to fascinate the female sex.

Hygienic manipulations with a beard "two-week unshaven" are held every day during the morning and evening water treatments.

The most attention men require beards with large vegetation: Russian (full), skipper (without a mustache), Suvorov, Garibaldi, etc. But for all types of beards there are general principles who need to strictly follow:

After eating, it is necessary to inspect the face - if there are any crumbs left on the beard. After ingestion of greasy food, wash the hair around the mouth with soap / shampoo;

Once a day, monitor the appearance of the beard and, if necessary, trim / trim facial hair;

If necessary, apply cosmetics for the beard (gels, shampoos, varnishes), which will give the beard the desired size and shape for a man.

How to care for a beard at home: mistakes beginners

The main mistake of a man who decided to grow facial hair is the wrong choice of beard type. Rarely, when a man grows a beard "just like that, nothing better to do." As a rule, the “stronger sex” beard grows to attract the attention of a specific woman, draw the attention of the collective to itself, express / emphasize its individuality, become more courageous / sexual. Or, as stylists are expressing themselves now, to assume the appearance of a “brutal alpha male.”

Having chosen the wrong type of beard, a man can take not a manly, but a stupid look, over which women / acquaintances will “giggle”, tease. What kind of man might like this?

Therefore, a man cannot simply “make a beard”; it is necessary to approach the choice of the type and shape / length of the beard very scrupulously, taking an interest in the opinions of relatives and close friends.

Suppose a man chose the type of beard correctly. The following basic mistake of the stronger sex with facial hair is not regular grooming of the beard. Sticking in different sides hair on the mustache and beard, the visible stubble on the face in places where it should not be 100% will cause the female / familiar negative emotions, such as unpeeled shoes or crumpled trousers / suit on a man.

Therefore, to take care of a beard at home should be regularly, with the use of modern cosmetic products: hair spray, shampoos, soaps, waxes, balms for the desired type of hair.

How to care for a beard: haircut options (photo)

For many centuries of human existence, men were not afraid to experiment with their appearance in general, and with facial hair, in particular. Please review only the most common types of beards worn by men all over the planet. Some of the names "cut off hearing", but the goat beard was worn by F.E. Dzerzhinsky and not "complex" (as historians say) on this issue.



Russian (full)

Russian (full)





Duck tail

Duck tail



French fork

French fork






Modern men are in a better position than their ancestors - the cosmetic industry fully meets all the needs for hygienic means to care for a beard at home. And our ancestors cared for facial hair with primitive hygienic means: rainwater, which after the procedure makes the hair “silky” without any shampoos / balms and other modern means. Who has the opportunity, wash your head and beard in rain water with the help of the simplest soap and compare the result with the procedure carried out with the help of cosmetics from leading world manufacturers.

It is necessary to wash with means that will not cause irritation of the skin of the face, to form dandruff in the hair on the face. Begin to wash the beard with those shampoos and balms that you use for hair on the head;

Combing "Two-week unshaven" does not have to comb, and the other beards require constant combing. If you do not carry out this procedure regularly, it will be unpleasant for a man to look at himself in the mirror, not to mention the people around him;

Swift. If the hair on the beard is not regularly trimmed, the man will gradually take on a “homeless” look. Although men - great originals can such appearance file like " new trend in style ”, developed personally“ on the basis of the world's innovative technologies from leading design houses ”. Even supporters will find their "homeless" mind, which is based on human laziness and disregard for the people around them.

Do not be afraid to experiment (in moderation) with cosmetics: try to apply cosmetics that you have not used before;

Having released the beard, the man is obliged to look in the mirror more often and watch the beard. Male option combing the hair on the head: “he ran his hand from right to left” with a beard will not work If a man, of course, does not want to look sloppy (such a trend).

The main thing while wearing a beard - she should like her owner. Even if his beard does not like others.

There were times when a man had to do only one thing in order to have a beautiful beard - to stop shaving his face. The times, of course, have evolved (or degraded, depending on your point of view), and the maintenance of the beard now requires some effort to ensure that the above-mentioned beard reflects a person’s personality and attains goals related to facial hair. Below are some tips for beard trimming.

Some recommend cutting a beard only with professionals. Others do not allow someone else to approach their facial hair with a typewriter or scissors. But if you decide to independently cut your beard neatly and beautifully, then it is worth investing in the right tools. In particular, it is recommended to purchase:

  • scissors (preferably designed specifically for cutting hair);
  • a comb for hair with wide teeth for a beard and fine teeth for a mustache (optional);
  • a hair clipper or beard with nozzles (it is better to choose a rechargeable and wireless model);
  • large mirror (can be magnifying or triple).

scissors (preferably designed specifically for cutting hair);   a comb for hair with wide teeth for a beard and fine teeth for a mustache (optional);   a hair clipper or beard with nozzles (it is better to choose a rechargeable and wireless model);   large mirror (can be magnifying or triple)


  1. Comb randomly sticking hair in a beard. Never trim a wet beard or mustache. Wet hair is longer than dry. When they dry, you can see that you cut too much. Start by taming the madness that happens on your face. Comb any tangles and knots before you take up the typewriter.
  2. Parties. Put on the longest nozzle on your typewriter and slowly begin the process of cutting from the sides of your face, above the jaw line. Remember that it is necessary to make movements quietly and smoothly - you will not be able to return the hair that was shaved off once, so it will be wiser and move in stages, take your time. To get the hair on the face of the desired length, start with the largest nozzle, gradually replacing it with smaller ones, thereby adjusting the degree of approach of the machine to the skin.
  3. Have a laugh. This is a frightening process, but at a certain stage your beard will cease to be proportionate, and it will be fun. Give yourself time to laugh and document the situation with photos.
  4. Scissors. Patience is key. Start by brushing the bottom of your beard. Scoop it with a comb, and then slowly cut several small groups of hair behind the teeth. It will take a little practice to improve this technique. But do not just grab the entire beard into a fist and shred it. It is better to make a mistake and not finish some part than to cut off the excess. You can keep a balance between the two sides of your face if you start from the very top of the unshaven part of one side, heading down to the chin, and then repeat the same thing from the other side. Slowly and methodically thin your beard and give it the desired shape and length. Remember that it is best to act leisurely, but steadily, cutting off a little. Make sure you get to each area, because when you grow your beard, it becomes thicker, so it needs the same empty spaces throughout the whole area.
  5. The final touches. You're at the finish line, don't lose focus now. Trim your mustache with the typewriter, pre-combing it straight down and using the longest nozzle first. Start from the center: move first to one side of your mouth and then to the second. Usually there is no need to shave or trim the top of the whiskers. It often looks better if you let them grow freely all the way to the nose. After you have trimmed the beard and mustache, you must maintain the shape of the beard. Use the typewriter by removing the adjustable nozzle (be careful) to make the line of your beard around your neck more defined. Or you can gently shave the hair from the lower part of the neck to maintain the neckline of the beard. Remove different naughty hairs with a razor. It is not recommended to pull them out. Shake off any stubborn hairs. Now you are done. Your beard has stayed with you, but it looks more well-groomed and does not bother you.

Your beard has stayed with you, but it looks more well-groomed and does not bother you

  • Wash your beard with shampoo regularly, as well as the hair on your head. Soft shampoo is better suited to the skin of the face.
  • After shampoo use conditioner. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the beard. Failure to comply with this requirement fully leads to flaking. Due to the fact that the hair in the beard is so tough, conditioners will have less effect on them than on the hair on the head. But the conditioner will still help make your beard considerably softer to the touch.
  • Gently blot and dry your beard with a towel. Blow-drying is really not necessary, but it can badly affect your skin.
  • Brush your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb so that no tangled hair remains. If desired, you can finish the procedure with a brush.

What kind of man might like this?
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