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Одежда и шоппинг в магазинах Second Hand
Некоторые ошибочно считают, что секонд хенд – это удел малоимущих людей, которые не могут себе позволить, например, покупать вещи в специализированных магазинах одежды, брендовых магазинах. Такое мнение

Гадание на монетах орел и решка.
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Общие данные Больцано (Bolzano, по нем. Bozen — Боцен) — столица и административный центр одноименной автономной провинции. Легендарный альпинист Месснер Райнхольд говорил про этот город следующее:Больцано

Шоппинг в Греции
Если вас интересует брендовый шоппинг, вы привыкли покупать только лучшие вещи, последние коллекции, украшения и одежду от знаменитейших мировых дизайнеров – компания Elionis организует вам элитный шоппинг

Где у монеты орел и решка?
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Шоппинг на Пхукете.Торговые центры Пхукета
Пхукет  битком набит всевозможными товарами, акциями, распродажами, скидками и сотнями магазинов. Есть здесь и большие рынки для любителей поторговаться и почувствовать настоящий вкус уличного шоппинга.

Карта шопинга в Италии
Если вы решили отправиться на шопинг в Италию, то не всегда обязательно ехать только в Римини (который выбирает большинство русских туристов) или только в Милан (который разрекламирован, как столица

Columbus, торговый центр, магазины
Слотов: 956 Рулеток: 7 Лицензия: Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, ELK, Yggdrasil, Habanero, Amatic, Isoftbet, Netent, Rival, Igrosoft, Quickspin. Игры: Автоматы, Покер, Рулетки. Всего 963 Отдача: 98% Бонус

Шоппинг на Пхукете
Шопинг на Пхукете – один из обязательных пунктов каждого туриста, приезжающего на остров. Неважен бюджет ваших покупок, главное – получить удовольствие от процесса. Дальше мы расскажем, что можно привезти

Шоппинг в Амстердаме, шоппинг маршруты по магазинам
Не каждый город способен стать модной столицей. Амстердам решил доказать всему миру, что он таким стал. Богатое наследие прошлого, особая культурная атмосфера настоящего, наличие хороших школ дизайна и,

Very light brown color. How to dye your hair in blond color

  1. How to repaint in blond?

Most women have from birth light brown color . It is not surprising, because for Slav women it is a natural shade of hair. Experimenting over their curls, women are painted in dark, chestnut, red and other colors. But time passes and they want to return their native - blond. How to do it? Let's take an interest from experienced craftsmen.

The main factor that affects the quality of coloring of the curls is the tone of the hair at a given time. Girls with dark and red hair will have to first discolor their hair, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect. To do this, buy a brightener, preferably a professional, so that cheap hair does not turn into a tow and does not get yellow tint . The paint clarifier, which makes the curls lighter on three tones, is useful only for ladies with dark- brown hair , the rest will need a strong clarifier (6 tones). Black strands should be painted in several stages (two or three) with a break of two weeks. Make the clarification process with caution, follow the instructions. Do not wash your head before the procedure. Mix in a non-metallic pottery dye and oxidizer, make a sample, if you are allergic to the resulting composition. Apply skin cream near the strands. Gently, so that the paint does not get into the eyes, distribute the clarifier over the entire surface of the head evenly. Put on the cellophane bag. Wait for the time specified in the instructions (20-40 minutes), wash off the paint with warm water. Then repeat the action with shampoo. At the end, use the balm, apply it to your hair, wait three minutes, wash it off.

After this procedure, the hair needs special care. When taking a shower, wash your hair not only with shampoo, but also use a nourishing balm for moisturizing. Do not use shampoos. After the crescent, your light strands remain to give the desired tone. Again, we buy paint: light brown, light blond, ashen light brown (which shade you like). And step by step, as in the description above, repeat the coloring.

Owners of light curls do not need any clarification. It is enough to buy paint and paint curls. Only due to the large variety of tones needed is not so easy to pick up. For women with light eyes and fair skin, experts recommend light blond, ash brown color . Dark ladies better not to use these colors. Copper-blond go blue-eyed, green-eyed girls. Medium blonde is very popular, which is suitable for any skin type. This tone can be achieved by brondirovaniem. At home, you do not paint so, so without going to a beauty salon can not do.

There are certain rules for the care of light brown hair. So that they are not dull and lifeless, it is necessary to make masks from natural cosmetics once in seven days. Popular among blonde nourishing masks with honey. The composition is as follows: two spoons of honey and one gel of aloe vera, mix, evenly distribute the curls. After 25-30 minutes, rinse your head, using shampoo. If the gel is not at hand, the houseplant (aloe) may well replace it. Cut a couple of sheets, put in a cold place for a day, then get rid of the peel. Mix the pulp with honey. Your curls will look like in advertising, and will become a little brighter.

As you can see, you can get a light brown color at home, the main thing is to be patient. Red-haired, black-haired girls or applying different red, eggplant shades are quite difficult to wash off the paint. Radically change their color will help experienced masters of beauty salons.

No matter how much time passes, and many girls still choose for themselves the more natural and familiar colors for the surrounding. Naturally, this affects a certain choice. Light-colored shades for hair, whose photos can be found on the Internet, are now highly popular. Of course, more often there are pictures of movie stars, show business. On their examples it is very easy to understand which options are fashionable and relevant, and which one should still be avoided.

If we consider light brown hair color, paint of this kind is offered by almost every company. It will be both, and firms which rather recently began the existence. Of course, it would be logical to consider the most popular staining options. Only on this basis can one understand which colors are now at the peak of popularity, and which ones it is still better to refuse.

How to repaint in blond?

Of course, everything will start with the choice of color, but remember that:

Of course, everything will start with the choice of color, but remember that:

  1. “Dark Brown” is considered one of the most popular , and many girls choose it for themselves.
  2. If naturalness is the most important for you, then you need to choose colors that are very close to what you have now. Typically, this kind of tools are not too intense, so paint them dark or light colors It will be quite difficult.
  3. If you want to dramatically change the color of the blonde to dye her hair into a brown-haired woman, it is advisable to abandon the independent implementation of this procedure. It is better to turn to specialists. Especially it concerns girls who want to go from dark to light.
  4. Remember that just staining in light brown color will take your maximum strength . Usually, the more natural the shade of hair should be, the more time and effort it will have to spend on acquiring it.

How to repaint in blond?
How to do it?
How to repaint in blond?
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